As a girl, I walked to and from school every day with my nose stuck in a book. Reading and walking is still one of my favorite ways to spend time, so when the pandemic began I was glad to suddenly have more time to read. Below is a list of what I’ve been reading these last few years. 


A Participatory Economy, Robin Hahnel
Enchantments, A Beginner Witch’s Guide, Mya Spalter
The Modern Crisis, Murray Bookchin
Begin the World Over, Kung Li Sun
Are Prisons Obsolete? Angela Y. Davis
Moon of the Crusted Snow, Waubgeshig Rice
A Profession Without Reason: The Crisis of Contemporary Psychiatry Untangled and Solved by Spinoza, Freethinking, and Radical Enlightenment, Bruce E. Levine
The Art of Community, Charles H. Vogl
Call Us What We Carry, Amanda Gorman
The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the 21st Century, Grace Lee Boggs
Overcoming Capitalism, Tom Wetzel
The Hurting Kind, Ada Limon
After the Revolution, Robert Evans
Time is a Mother, Ocean Vuong
Home Body, Rupi Kaur
Lessons in Liberation, AK Press
NOTES: The book says it’s an abolitionist toolkit for educators, but I think it should say it’s an abolitionist toolkit for everyone.
Plants have so much to offer us, all we have to do is ask. Mary Siisip Geniusz NOTES: Beautiful Indigenous stories about plants, what they have to offer us, how we care for them and the earth; how we all exist in reciprocity and are here to care for each other. Also includes recipes for plant medicine. The Weight of the Stars, Augustin Comotto (DNF)
A Country of Ghosts, Margaret Killjoy NOTES: nonhierarchical, anarchist society defending their land, their lives, their way of being. Working together, making decisions together. Resisting together. 
Tarot for Change, Jessica Dore
NOTES: Ongoing. Healing.
Exhalation, Ted ChiangNOTES: futuristic short stories; explores the impact of technology on socialization / psychology / human development. 
All We Can Save, edited by Ayana Johnson & Katharine Wilkinson


The Grievers, adrienne maree brown
Pollution is Colonialism, Max Liboiron (still reading)
Wintering, Katherine May (DNF)
How We Show Up, Mia Birdsong
Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Yet-to-be-named Network Action Guide (from DA course) NOTES: A detailed how-to guide for anyone wanting to create functional groups to deploy direct action in support of social change and climate justice. 
Decolonising the Mind, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o
Abolishing the Police Koshka Duff (AK Press)
Undrowned, Alexis Pauline Gumbs
How to be an Anti-Capitalist in the 21st Century, Erik Olin Wright
Holding Change, adrienne maree brown
Why We Can’t Wait, Martin Luther King Jr.
Spiritual Ecology (collected essays)
We Will Not Cancel Us, adrienne maree brown
Parable of the Talents, Octavia Butler
Cassandra Speaks, Elizabeth Lesser


On Tyranny, Timothy Snyder
The Apology: V
How to do Nothing, Jenny Odell
Voices in the Air,  NYE
The Carrying, Ada Limon NOTES: Soul-crushing beauty. Love. Death. Family. 
A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle NOTES:  Shifting consciousness, becoming aware of the difference between self / ego / identity / being. Learning to understand and accept reality / presence / inner spaciousness, and not be disturbed by thoughts and ideas the ego creates (which inevitably leave us unhappy and forever wanting more). 
Mutual Aid, Dean Spade NOTES: Learning to work together, how to shape collective leadership, how to shape inclusive decision-making, how to avoid falling into the patterns of capitalist leadership structures  that we are conditioned to believe is the only way organizations and communities can function. 
How to Be an Anti-racist, Ibram X. Kendi
On Death & Dying, Elizabeth Kubler Ross NOTES: Stages / acceptance. Learning to think & talk about your own mortality is crucial to being able to sit with someone else in facing their own death. Denial is common. Some people cannot comprehend their own death and sit with denial for a very long time (until the end).
On Living, Kubler Ross
Familiars, Holly Wren Spaulding NOTES: Pay attention to the details. Listen to nature. Less is more. Be concise. 
Jericho Brown, The Tradition
Averno, Gluck
The Color Purple, Alice Walker
When Things Fall Apart, Pema Chodron
A Room of One’s Own (DNF)
Bowling Alone, (DNF)
Emergent Strategy, amb
The Hologram, Cassie Thornton Annual (on care) 
You Were Born for This, Chani Nicholas
NOTES: Swoon.
Braiding the Sweetgrass
, Robin Wall Kimmerer

Candace Hope is a documentary photographer and creative producer living on the border of Southern VT & Western Massachusetts, on unceded territory of the Abenaki people (link to Native Land Map where you can learn whose land you are on). 

She studied photography at Phoenix College and The International Center for Photography. Her work has been published by The Huffington Post, Fast Company, Take Magazine, The Valley Advocate, and Imbibe Magazine, and has been exhibited at the Sharon Arts Center, the Vermont Center for Photography, and the Northampton Center for the Arts. She is a recipient of the Western Mass Creative awards for her work with SHOFCO, a humanitarian non-profit based in Nairobi, Kenya. A recent personal project, Ending the Silence: #metoo, was awarded a visual arts grant from the Northampton Arts Council and was exhibited at the Northampton Center for the Arts in October 2019.

In addition to her work as a photographer, Candace has extensive experience leading teams of designers, developers, illustrators, animators, copywriters and brand strategists to achieve award-winning outcomes on complex creative projects. She has managed teams working on websites, ad campaigns, capital campaigns, product packaging, brand identity, animation, and more.

Candace teaches digital media for the Vermont Governor’s Institute of the Arts each summer, and serves on the steering committee for Art Tech Nature Culture. She also serves on the Public Safety Advisory Committee in the town where she lives, and periodically volunteers on the development committee for the Vermont Center for Photography.

Drop a line if you’d like to collaborate on a project.

2019 Northampton Arts Council, Visual Arts Grant for Ending the Silence
2019 Western MA Creative Awards, Best of Show (Concept Development)
2019 Western MA Creative Awards, Gold x3 (Producer)
2019 Western MA Creative Awards, Judge’s Choice x3 (Producer)
2015 Western MA Creative Awards,  Best of Show, SHOFCO (Photographer)
2015 Western MA Creative Awards, Gold Award, SHOFCO (Photographer)

2019 @33 Hawley, Portraits of Pathlight, Group Show
2019 Northampton Center for the Arts, Ending the Silence: #metoo, Solo Show
2016 Vermont Center for Photography, Group Show, Juried Exhibition
2016 Sharon Arts Center, Group Show, Contemporary Works In, On, and Around Music

2016 Take Magazine
2016 Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
2015 The Valley Advocate
2015 Fast Company
2014 The Huffington Post

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