September 2020

The crew at Many Graces agreed to be my test subjects for an upcoming project photographing frontline workers in hospitals for SHARE Union.  

August 2020

Working with Next Barn Over again this year, here’s a peek at the images we’re making for their upcoming website redesign.

July 2020

Another session with K. Kovacs — now we wear masks. 

June 2020

Tyler Rai

A new portrait for a new phase of life and work. Tyler showed up at the studio ready to be open, ready to be vulnerable, and ready to be seen.

June 2020

Pandemic Dad

James and his wife, Emily, have been working from home with their three young boys since the pandemic began in February.  Today I dropped in for a little socially distant yard time. 

Simon talked about video games endlessly, pausing briefly to demonstrate a belly flop or cannon ball every few minutes. 

May 2020

Many Graces

This will be my third season working with Many Graces  — our lives are fundamentally different these days but there is still so much beauty all around us. 

May 2020

Royal Frog Ballet

** Work in Progress 

Here’s a peek at moodboards for a new website by //ook

April 2020

Spring Ephemerals

An illustrated digital guide to spring ephemerals in Western Massachusetts. 

[ collaboration with k. kovacs & liz moran ]
Currently seeking a copywriter to join the team. 

April 2020

Maternity Session for Benneth

March 2020

Portrait Session for TOLD Video

March 2020

Portrait for K. Kovacs