Many Graces Flower Farm

For our second season working together, I collaborated with Many Graces Flower Farm to document their stunning wedding arrangements, beautiful flower share bouquets, healthy farm fields, and the growing team who works hard making dreams come true.

If you want to give yourself or a loved one the best gift ever, I highly recommend the Many Graces flower share subscription

The Many Graces flower share is a beautiful gift, for yourself or a loved one—I know firsthand, I’ve done both. Having a giant bouquet of fresh flowers in your home every week is pure magic. The best part is that Rebecca includes a poem with each bouquet. Here’s one of my favorite poems from 2019: 

ADAPTATION, by Ada Limón

It was, for a time, a loud twittering flight
of psychedelic-colored canaries: a cloud
of startle and get-out in the ornamental
irons of the rib cage. Nights when the moon
was wide like the great eye of a universal
beast coming close for a kill, it was a cave
of bitten bones and snake skins, eggshell dust,
and charred scraps of a frozen-over flame.
All the things it has been: kitchen knife
and the ancient carp’s frown, cavern of rust
and worms in the airless tire swing,
cactus barb, cut-down tree, dead cat
in the plastic crate. Still, how the great middle
ticker marched on, and from all its four chambers
to all its forgiveness, unlocked the sternum’s
door, reversed and reshaped until it was a new
bright carnal species, more accustomed to grief,
and ecstatic at the sight of you.