Seen Being / Being Seen

An analog exploration of community. 

My dedication to analog photography is rooted my sweetest childhood memories—hours spent sifting through my grandmother’s family photo albums, wondering about the lives of those ancestors I would never know. 

We live in an image-saturated society. Phones in our pockets can publish the details of our daily lives to a global audience in an instant. These digital artifacts are ephemeral, consumed thoughtlessly and forgotten the moment we scroll away.  

This series of large format, analog portraits invites us to slow down. Pause. It allows us to take a moment and think about why we should be photographed, where we stand, how we present ourselves, how we choose to be seen. It asks us to breathe, be still, stay present in the moment, and consider why we are here.

What will we leave behind for future generations?
Nieves, Connor, & Roscoe | Northampton, MA | December 2020

Jamecia | Northampton, MA | December 2020

Logan | Hadley, MA | November 2020

Kerstin | Northampton, MA | December 2020

Alexia | Hadley, MA | December 2020

Thom at Nova | January 2020

Isaac at Nova | January 2020

Scout | Greenfield, MA | January 2020

Adrienne | Greenfield, MA | January 2020

Alex | Florence, MA | March 2020

Alex | Florence, MA | March 2020

Margaret | Florence, MA | May 2021

Jan | Florence, MA | May 2021

Ava | Florence, MA | May 2021

 Matt | Florence, MA | May 2021

Kole | Florence, MA | February 2020