Black & White Film Portraits

Call me old fashioned—I believe nothing compares to the timeless beauty of a black and white film portrait. I love to shoot with my trusty Hasselblad, a medium format film camera from the late 1970’s, to make portraits of my friends, family, and clients. 

I process and print everything by hand, each portrait session includes two 8x10 silver gelatin prints made with Ilford Multigrade Fiber double weight paper.

Once your order is received, I’ll be in touch to arrange the date, time, and location for the session (currently limited to Massachusetts). 

Choose Your Price*  
*Sliding scale model is offered to make the work accessible to a broad community, regardless of income.  Each price reflects the cost of materials + an hourly wage of your choice for the time it takes to process, print, and press each image. Please choose the price you can afford.